If you have ever worn false lashes before, you will know exactly what I mean when I say they take you from a 7 to a 10 instantly!

For me, lashes enhance any make up look I have going on. They instantly transform my face & my entire eye make up look.
They make my lashes look fuller, more dramatic & just overall 100x more glamorous!

Although lashes give us some incredible benefits including the confidence, I do know that the struggle can be REAL when it comes to putting them on & it can be a really frustrating experience sometimes.

For 7 years I have been wearing false lashes & I'm confident to say that I am a bit of a pro at it now - but it has taken lots of practise!

So here is my ultimate guide, step by step process of how to apply false lashes, measure them, trim them, the best glue, secret first timer tips & final application to make sure they sit just right to your unique eye shape!


Remember, lashes enhance the beauty that is already there!


Step 1 - Remove Lash from box

You need to be super gentle when you're removing your lashes & to do this, use the natural curvature of your finger tip.
Apply a little pressure in the motion moving away from the lash band.
The lash will come off easily without ruining, tugging or loosening any of the lash hairs.


Step 2 - Wiggle Lash band

To make sure the lash band is not too stiff, wiggle the lash band from one end to the other just a little bit, preparing it for an easier application on your natural lash line & a super comfortable wear.


Step 3 - Measure

Grab your tweezers or lash applicator along with the lashes you've chosen.
Go ahead & measure the length of the lash band along your natural eye.
Really pay attention to where the lashes begin in the inner corner & where it ends along your eye.


Step 4 - Cut

Based off what you have measured of your eye, grab small, sharp scissors & trim.
It is ideal to trim off the very end of the lash, to keep the style of the lash looking natural & gorgeous.



Step 5 - Glue

This step is really important & crucial to how easy & well your lashes are going to go on.
You want to apply carefully, using just the right amount along the entire lash band. Careful not too use too much, otherwise the lash will slip around instead of stick nicely where you need it to.
Wait about 45-60 seconds for glue to become tacky.



Step 6 - Curl your Natural Lashes

*This step is optional but is ideal to achieve the perfect lash look*
While you're waiting for your glue on the false lashes to become slightly tacky, using an eyelash curler, go ahead & curl your natural lashes from the base so they blend perfectly with your false lashes.



Step 7 - Mascara

Applying mascara to your natural lashes with a black mascara is going to be the perfect touch to make sure they really blend into your falsies & will also help them look much fuller.


Step 8 - Apply False Lashes

Next, using your tweezers for more precision, apply your false lashes as closely to your natural lash line as possible.
Start by gently placing the false lash in the centre of your eye, then use the tweezers to gently push down the inner & outer corners of the band to your lash line.
Wait to dry naturally. (You do not need to hold in place.)



Step 9 *Optional* - Mascara

Once your false lashes have dried in place firmly, you can go ahead & apply a light coat of mascara to blend your real lashes in nicely.
This step isn't necessary if you do Steps 6 & 7 correctly.
Mascara ontop of false lashes tends to wear them out quicker.


With these few easy steps, you're all done & ready to slay the day!


To Remove false lashes:

Use a make up remover.
Dip a Q Tip in eye make up remover & gently rub along your lash line.
Allow the remover to sit for 45 seconds to 1 minute then gently pull off the lashes.

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