I created the brand 'ByChenise' after spending years of feeling like I didn't fit into a certain "style" in fashion & beauty.

I've always liked a bit of everything when it comes to using beauty products, or just brands in general to express myself.

I go from a soft, natural sense of style to bold & daring very quickly, which is why I wanted to create my own brand to cater to all the other women like me.


As 'ByChenise' was in thought, I knew straight away that my first product had to be false lashes.

They are my staple in every look, every day. My most commonly asked question is "What lashes do you wear?" & to be honest, I've never loved a brand enough to give a proper answer, so I thought, "Why not create my own that I truly love & can passionately share with the world?" So I did & here we are!


Staying true to my morals & values, I've made sure that my lashes are ethically sourced, cruelty free & 100% hand made to perfection.


'ByChenise' is a brand made for everybody with every type of style & I hope my customers can find a sense of belonging through my products.



​All my love,